Let Your Soul Feel for the Answers and Your Head Will Follow

This Little Light of Mine, I’m Gonna Let It Shine
— Hymn

There comes a time where you enter a cross roads and you look for direction. All too frequently we stay in the mind in search of a clue and not often enough in the feeling state of our soul.

I recently had some insight from a dear friend who pointed me in the right direction. Indicating my presence in the mind and not so much in the feeling. I have since found myself looking for direction differently, asking myself the question "how do I feel about 'this' rather than what do I think about 'this'." and you know......sometimes they're different. There's less needing to do something because it's ok with others and more doing something because it feels right to me.

So...back to those crossroads, which way should we turn, and the answer is, the way which feels right and not the way others would like you to go. Watch this space, changes are occurring and they're going to be fabulous!