TODAY, NOW, TIME, OPTIMISE often do we settle our minds on the here and NOW. Spending most of our TIME thinking of tomorrow or yesterday, this morning or this evening, but what are you doing NOW?

Me.... I'm focussing my undivided attention on my Yoga World. Such little and precious time I truly have to dedicate around my wee one. While my wee one is being looked after my time is spent in a very structured way to optimise it's potential. Sorry to those whom would love a chat, so sorry and guilty I feel for the lack of attention I have to quite simply interact and enjoy.

TIME........amazing how the topic of NOW leads to TIME. So conscious we are of the clock ticking and the day vanishing. I mention the word to OPTIMISE TIME. As if it were to just disappear from under my nose and there wouldn't be another moment for me to complete my tasks.

Does this then mean that we are TODAY living in the NOW so much more than we ever used to or thought we were? Or are we so aware of this afternoons fullness that we have to rush through the NOW to achieve the FURTURE?

Where in all this is our TIME for Yoga. The one thing we should be making TIME for, the one thing which brings us so wholly into the NOW? To create a moment to bring ourselves present on our mat is joyous and fulfilling. So much more than say catching up on everybody else NOW through the world of social media. Make time for YOU and you will have time for OTHERS.

'The inspiration you seek is already within you. Be silent and listen' Rumi