Let Your Soul Feel for the Answers and Your Head Will Follow

This Little Light of Mine, I’m Gonna Let It Shine
— Hymn

There comes a time where you enter a cross roads and you look for direction. All too frequently we stay in the mind in search of a clue and not often enough in the feeling state of our soul.

I recently had some insight from a dear friend who pointed me in the right direction. Indicating my presence in the mind and not so much in the feeling. I have since found myself looking for direction differently, asking myself the question "how do I feel about 'this' rather than what do I think about 'this'." and you know......sometimes they're different. There's less needing to do something because it's ok with others and more doing something because it feels right to me.

So...back to those crossroads, which way should we turn, and the answer is, the way which feels right and not the way others would like you to go. Watch this space, changes are occurring and they're going to be fabulous!


Playlist Time

Not so much as a Blog this time round but a Playlist, a gift for your soul. Having received numerous requests for information on the soundtracks I have below copied the list from my latest outdoor event. All music was purchased on iTunes and can be sampled there:

Om Sanctuary by Jason D McKean

Vasanthi (Sprintime of the Hearth) by Mysore V Srikanth & V K Raman

183 Times by Greg Haines

Living by Sebastian Piano

Gopinatha by Rasa

The Spin by Greg Haines

Durga Violin Solo by Mysore V Srikanth & V K Raman

Om Shanti by Daphne Tse

Saraswati Raga by Mysore V Srikanth & V K Raman

I Giorni by Ludovico Einaudi

Sehnsucht by Greg Haines

Balance by Lisbeth Scott

Abundance by Lisbeth Scott

Horizon by Garth Stevenson


Walking along the street, how aware we are of the being we project, so concerned of how we are perceived and the impression others have of us. WHY? For what does it matter anyway? How often do we feel just as concerned about the image we have of ourselves, the internal impression. Always the self critic and not so often the self believer. Turn to your practice to turn to yourself. Be at one on your mat and realise, you are enough!

Start being more polite to yourself.If you had a friend who spoke to you in the same way that you spoke to yourself, how long would you allow that person to be your friend?
— Appleyoga


This month sees my yoga journey take a turn in another direction as I learn to relinquish CONTROL of my Yoga World and embark on the beauty of bringing another little ray of light into our family.

CHANGE is not something that falls at my feet with ease. At times looking for words to help digest and appreciate it's mere existence:

'CHANGE is not something we should fear. Rather it is something that we should welcome. For without CHANGE, nothing in this world would ever grow or blossom, and no one in this world would ever move forward to become the person they're meant to be' B.K.S

Handing over my classes, to a supremely competent and inspiring teacher, I dive into the UNKNOWN for what this will bring. The UNKNOWN may bring a feeling of unease, yet as the pebble drops into the pond, ripples spread out from it's center creating an energy of positivity and delights.

By RELINQUISHING CONTROL allows this energy to take on it's own current as nature has it's part to play:

'In this moment, surrender to what is, and love it. Know that what is meant to be is already happening - even if it feels difficult or awkward. Experience a miracle simply by shifting your perspective. And know that like all things, this too shall pass.' Appleyoga

So, to my students, whom have been with me through my teaching yoga journey thus far, I wish you a wonder of intrigue and learning while I step down for a few months to focus on my ever so precious family. I look forward to us meeting again very soon and to continue to learn from yourselves as I hope you learn from me.



TODAY...........how often do we settle our minds on the here and NOW. Spending most of our TIME thinking of tomorrow or yesterday, this morning or this evening, but what are you doing NOW?

Me.... I'm focussing my undivided attention on my Yoga World. Such little and precious time I truly have to dedicate around my wee one. While my wee one is being looked after my time is spent in a very structured way to optimise it's potential. Sorry to those whom would love a chat, so sorry and guilty I feel for the lack of attention I have to quite simply interact and enjoy.

TIME........amazing how the topic of NOW leads to TIME. So conscious we are of the clock ticking and the day vanishing. I mention the word to OPTIMISE TIME. As if it were to just disappear from under my nose and there wouldn't be another moment for me to complete my tasks.

Does this then mean that we are TODAY living in the NOW so much more than we ever used to or thought we were? Or are we so aware of this afternoons fullness that we have to rush through the NOW to achieve the FURTURE?

Where in all this is our TIME for Yoga. The one thing we should be making TIME for, the one thing which brings us so wholly into the NOW? To create a moment to bring ourselves present on our mat is joyous and fulfilling. So much more than say catching up on everybody elses NOW through the world of social media. Make time for YOU and you will have time for OTHERS.

'The inspiration you seek is already within you. Be silent and listen' Rumi